BulkMail (97K+ Downloads)

Send Personal Emails in Bulk

Send mass emails with Gmail

Reach the primary inbox, not promotion tab or spam

Track results in real-time directly from Google Sheets

No Sending Limit And Many More...

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RanQLabs Digital Marketing Company

Clean and Effective - 100% Customer Support Guaranteed via Email 

Jerk BBQ Haven Restaurant

We used this service for our mail, and we must say that their extension is amazing as well as their customer support.

Account Hi-Tech Apparatus Pvt Ltd

BulkMail is the best MailMerge tool I ever used. I like you way to do things. You are proving everything free for which other's are charging huge. it is simply Great ...!!

Soultouch Sandals

I have used many Bulk Email tools and softwares and have good and bad experiences, but BulkMail is really awesome. It is the MOST simple yet super powerful Google sheet add-on which just works smoothly and get the work done. No unnecessary Stuff. Add it on google sheet and let it do its work. Its that simple. And, they have a super prompt customer support. Highly Recommend this add on for sending bulk emails.

Send personalized mail merges from Gmail in 6 steps

Install BulkMail

Install BulkMailClick Here

Important: Go to sheet in which you want to use this add-on and press refresh form (Add-ons menu > BulkMail> Refresh)

Step 1: 

Prepare Template/draft. 

There are 3 ways to do this:

In this step design (HTML) code of your draft/template will be save in "BulkMail-data" sheet. 

Step 2:

Select Design Code (HTML) or row number of the design (which saved in 1st step) which you want to use as for sending email.

Step 3 (optional):

Send Test Email and check

Step 4 (optional):

Check Track Open If you want to track open emails.

Step 5 (recommended):

Manage unsubscribe. Skip sending emails to person who unsubscribe you.

Step 6:

Press Run to start sending

Control Sending/ Block Protection

For Bulk cold emailing, add the delay between each email by specifying the desired pause time in seconds. AND also set & send Limited number of emails on each Run (Like. N emails on every X hr)
👑 BulkMail is the 1st add-ons with this feature.
These will helps to be safe while sending large numbers of emails without being blocked or flagged by Google

Unique image in each email

Send different-different image in each email. see to know more
👑 BulkMail is the 1st add-ons with this feature.

Privileged Customer Support

Get Privileged support of all your query and support to set up the things.

For premium client 🤴

Easy to Use (No Code required)

BulkMail use Gmail to send emails from Google sheet. Send and track it from a Google Sheet. 

Reach the primary inbox

Using BulkMail receiver will feel you have sent him/her personal email. He/She will not knows you are using BulkMail.

Easily personalize mass emails

Personalize subject lines, email body, images and attachments to make your emails as convincing as possible.

Design Template in Gmail

Design message in Gmail draft  and use it to send emails. use single {} brackets for merge. (No code required)

Track results in real time

Track opens and unsubscribes in real time from Google Sheets.
Email open count with time for each email.

Add unsubscribe links

Allow user to unsubscribe and can skip sending them next time. It helps to prevent from getting blocked. 

Send attachments with Emails

Send single /multiple attachment with mail merge. Upload files to Google Drive and use BulkMail to attach them to your email campaigns.

Schedule Sending

Schedule your mail merge to go out the right time to increase open rate.
To send Greeting/wishes set before few days and enjoy holidays. 

Graphical Campaign Report

See performance of all campaign in the sheet. check which campaign preforms better, who is opening email frequently.
For premium client 🤴